Welcome to La Superior Supermercados

Here at La Superior Supermercados we are a supermarket with a clear objective... You, our customer! All of our employees are trained to give you outstanding service and a degree of excellence in customer appreciation.

Our job is to give you the best products possible at the most competitive prices. We buy top of the line products to provide you the finest meats, seafood, cheese and creams in our meat department. In our bakery you will find Latino pastries and hot from the oven bread. Our produce department boasts the freshest fruits and vegetables, along with spices & peppers from local growers. You will find them all in one place at La Superior Supermercados.

From the moment you enter our store you will experience why people prefer us as their Supermercados. Once you shop with us for the first time you will want to come back and visit us again. You will enjoy your shopping experience we provide here. This is the reason why we work so hard every day, to bring the best to your family’s table.

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