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The Meat Shop

Our meat department offers an ample variety of meats cuts of beef, poultry, pork, as well as marinated meats ready for the grill.

Our personnel take care in preparing the different cuts with the great care so that you and your family can enjoy of the best of what La Superior Supermercados has to offer.

The Seafood Shop

Ocean-fresh fish, shellfish, cooked shrimp and more, order your Seafood in-store and enjoy.

We count on an ample variety of seafood products!

The Produce Shop

In our department of fruits and vegetables you always will find the freshest from the market.

Directly from the farm to your table, here you always find everything . If you simply do not find something please let us know.

The Grocery Shop

Because we know that you must have the traditional touch to each of your home made dishes. For that reason in our grocery department we offer an ample selection of products you know from Mexico, Central and South America, like chili’s, spices, and traditional foods throughout the store at competitive prices.

Come in and you will leave with the satisfaction that characterizes us in La Superior Supermercados.

The Taqueria

In our taquerias you can enjoy delicious tortas, tacos, burritos, traditional plates like chile relleno, steak, breakfasts, delicious soups and traditional flavored drinks.

Here you can order food for any event with that unique flavor of the La Superior Supermercados.

Visit us or call us if you would like to place an order with us.

The Bakery

Because we must have that fresh bread on our table...

mmm... conchitas, bolillos, assorted sweat breads and more... accompanied by a good cup of coffee or chocolate...

That fresh warm daily made bread is what you will find in our bakery and with the best flavor.

You will find the best three milk cakes for any occasion, desserts or gelatins to enjoy deliciously for your family... mmm... La Superior Supermercados...

Customer Service

In our customer service department you are treated as you always deserve to be treated.

We have check cashing services, money transfer services to Mexico, Central and South America, or to any part of the world or within the United States by means of Western Union, Orlandi Valuta or Vigo.

We sell Money Orders, mail stamps and much more.

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