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Meat Department

La Superior Mercados offers a variety of cuts from beef, poultry, pork and more. Our skilled employees marinate and prepare meat for your grills and kitchen tables.

We offer a plethora of marinated meats including arrachera, chorizo, Mexican chicken adobo(pollo adobado), marinated pork steak (bistec de puerco adobado) and many more.

Seafood Department

La Superior Mercados offers a diverse arrangement of ocean fresh fish, shellfish, cooked shrimp and more.

Our mercado offers quality seafood for superior prices!

Produce Department

Our Produce department offers the finest, freshest and affordable fruits and vegetables on the market.

La Superior Mercado proudly supports farmers, bringing you the farm to table freshness.


La Superior Mercados brings traditional Hispanic flavors to your home made dishes. We offer a variety of products from Central and South America, Mexico and the United States.

Bring our authentic flavors to your next cuisine!

The Taqueria

Drop by La Superior Mercados’ Taqueria to enjoy an exquisite display of traditional Hispanic meals.

Our customers enjoy delicious tortas, tacos, burritos, chile rellenos, fajitas, crispy tacos, traditional flavored drinks like horchata and many more.

La Superior Mercados will cater for quinceañeras, graduations, and any fiesta you need delicious Hispanic meals.

Visit us in person or call your nearest location to order today!


Our bakery ensures quality and freshness!

Each morning La Superior Bakers make fresh bread rolls and assorted mexican sweet breads and more. Freshness is what we strive for on a daily basis. Our bakery offers the best three milkcakes, flans, gelitins, chocolate covered apples, cheesecake and many more mouth watering desserts.

Customer Service

La Superior Mercados values their customers above all. Our Customer Service department is designed to satisfy our customer’s every need.

We offer check cashing services, money transfers to any part of the world by means of Western Union, Orland, Valuta or Vigo, this includes the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and more.

La Superior Mercados also offers money orders, mail stamps and much more. Our Customer service counter also includes a variety of imported medicines, makeup, ointments, creams and many more unique products.

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